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World’s Best Smoothie Recipe

The world’s best smoothie is a moveable feast, in that, as the song says, Anything Goes, if it is as organic and natural as possible. Smoothies should be playful, but also contain several standard ingredients. Many people don’t have the time to prepare the fabulous five portions of veggies necessary each day for health.

1 Scoop Gruvolo’s Premium Greens (24 cal.) Equivalent to 6 portions

1 Packet Alen/Eveliza, an organic, cereal compound (60 cal.), 5 grams protein, or other protein powder

1⁄2 avocado
1⁄2 banana
1 apple or pear, blueberries (whatever is in the kitchen)
1 small handful of nuts (almonds, walnuts, cashews, pignoli*)
1-2 cups ‘good’ water, unsweetened almond, soy or hemp milk
1 scoop chia seeds
1 tbsp. Udo’s, evening primrose or favorite oil (optional)
1 scoop spirulina powder
1 shake each of cinnamon and/or turmeric
1 dropper green tea extract
1 dropper Wellness Herbal Resistance Extract from Source Natural 1 dropper Sea Buckthorn Oil
1 drop grapefruit seed extract**

Place all ingredients into blender (love the Vita Mix’s power, doesn’t strip the ingredients of texture) and let it rip!



These are some of the basics, and variations are desirable and fun. Seeds and weeds of all sorts are great additions. Ice may be added as desired, though I prefer not to drink cold drinks. Obviously, my smoothie does not contain all these ingredients every day. They are listed not as recommendations but more as possible choices. Choose what is right and healthy for you. All weeds, seeds, fruits and ‘veggies’ are fair game. Consult a qualified health care practitioner at all times before starting new programs.

*Pignoli (pine) nuts are high in nutrients and heart healthy mono-unsaturated fats
** Grapefruit seed extract is known as an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial product. Before adding any

supplement to the diet, check with your qualified, healthcare provider if you take medications as there may be counter indications, especially with grapefruit.