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Thermal Life Sauna

I would not be without my Thermal Life far infrared saunas from High Tech Health. I own two and they are my number one tool, not only for the detoxification of heavy metals and other stored toxins but to improve my immune system and cardiovascular function and strength. (Heavy metal toxicity is a serious pollution problem globally.)

Call Toll Free: 1-800-794-5355

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These saunas are remarkably easy to assemble and are constructed of the finest hypo-allergenic materials.  As a long-time survivor of ovarian cancer, I have had my saunas for over ten years and they are both still in wonderful, working order. (I have replaced one light bulb!)

As Ms. Senior Florida, 2013, I have had a busy schedule as well as book tours to promote my memoir regarding my journey through cancer. I always look forward to sitting in the sauna at the end of a trip or a busy day to rejuvenate and relax – and am always amazed at how much better I feel after 20-30 minutes. These saunas work!

TO ORDER Please Call: 800-794-5355 and be sure to mention my name!

You will receive a significant discount on any of the saunas you choose by mentioning Betsy Horn!

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For more information, visit the High Tech Health Saunas Website

Download the Thermal Life Sauna PDF for all the information!