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What are these Worksheets?

These wonderful worksheets, generously offered by Michael Falkner the therapist at Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, offer insight for you in choosing more beneficial activities in your day to achieve wellness in your life.

Find out what supports your personal development with these great charts!

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[title size=”2″]Betsy’s Toolbox[/title]

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What is My Tool Box?

I have included this document, that was created as a helpful guide, at the end of my book A Little Touch of Cancer and How It Made Me Well . The tool box includes 20 Essential Ingredients for True Wellness, plus recipes, books, contacts and invaluable health information to help you on your path to wellness!

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Betsy Horn, Author & Health Advocate

A little more about the above worksheets. I want to give you some excellent tools that have assisted me on my path to wellness!

Let me start by asking a few basic questions about you…

Do you…

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  • Postpone finding the quiet time for rest, recharging and self-nurturing?
  • Feel that you have less dynamism, energy, and zest than you could?
  • Wonder exactly why the experts are always telling you to breathe or drink more water?
  • Struggle with minor but tiring chronic health issues such as sleeplessness or not feeling right?
  • Find yourself frequently catching little colds or other bugs?
  • Frequently feel stressed or out of balance?

If you feel this way, you are certainly not alone. A large proportion of women today find it easier to nurture others than themselves, do not get enough sleep and consistently postpone laying aside both the time, the money or the well-earned need for a little self-pampering or care.

My website will continue to talk about the above issues which I think are crucial when we are trying to pay attention and ‘listen’ to our bodies and our minds. You can always ask me a question at I will neither diagnose nor suggest but I can tell what I learned when I started really listening to my self.

Please Note: You will see on the worksheets a place to put in your ‘primary’ emotions and your ‘secondary’ emotions. As not everyone knows what that means, visit this helpful Wiki Article on Contrasting and Categorization of Emotionswhich describes what these terms mean to help you fill out the below sheets.

» Click Here for Self-Regulation Worksheets