Dr. Thomas Rau Presents: Lyme Disease – Is it really Lyme?

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Dr. Thomas Rau Presents: Lyme Disease – Is it really Lyme?

Dr. Rau helped me regain my health after my ovarian cancer. If you are in the New York area on the 30th September and have family or friends who are dealing with Lyme Disease, I highly recommend attendance at this lecture.

Love, Betsy


Dr. Thomas Rau Presents: Lyme Disease – Is it really Lyme?

Dr. Thomas Rau has successfully treated many chronic and sick Lyme patients with biological medicine. Interestingly, all severely ill Lyme patients had co-infections and other disabling factors, which were the underlying causes for their severe disorder. These underlying causes include:

  • Heavy metal and other toxic loads, mainly neuro-toxins
  • Severe dysbiosis and intestinal weaknesses, which leads to a break down in the immune system
  • Chronic viral loads, mainly neurotropic slow acting viruses and remainders of immunizations
  • Side-effects from long term antibiotics, including the presence of cell wall deficient bacteria, which themselves cause chronic problems
  • Genetic lack of detoxification and/or anti-oxidant quelling capacity
  • Severe lack of certain amino acids and unsaturated fatty acids, due to poor nutrition or metabolic weaknesses.

When: Tuesday, September 30th
6:30 PM – 7:00 PM Registration
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM Lecture
Book signing to follow lecture.

Where: The Strand Hotel NYC
33 West 37th Street
New York, NY 10018

Tickets $75 per person

About Dr. Thomas Rau:
Since 1992, Dr. Rau has served as medical director of the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland. The clinic combines holistic medicine, naturopathic treatments and biological dentistry and is a center for the innovative, holistic approach at the core of biological medicine. Dr Rau is personally responsible for training each new doctor in the ways of biological medicine using the treatments and therapies developed at the clinic. Specifically, Dr Rau’s approach integrates the medical treatment modalities with dental and pharmacy practices used to successfully treat many chronic, debilitating conditions. He is the author of The Swiss Secret to Optimal Health: Dr. Rau’s Diet for Whole Body Healing and Biological Medicine, The Future of Natural Healing.