AlgaeCal Supplement & Benefits

I am currently taking the AlgaeCal supplements of calcium and strontium (an essential trace mineral for bone building) and feeling supported by the program, which guarantees increased bone density if religiously followed for six months. I have not been “religious” but I find Dean Neuls emails informative and based on legitimate research. This one on salt intake is […]

Alen & Eveliza – Super Food

I discovered ALEN and EVELIZA while under treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, recovering from the after-effects of both surgery and chemotherapy following a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Two amazing products were suggested to me by Dr. Thomas Rau, the chief physician at the clinic and pioneer of Biological Medicine. ALEN and EVELIZA are cereal compounds, providing […]

Thermal Life Sauna

I would not be without my Thermal Life far infrared saunas from High Tech Health. I own two and they are my number one tool, not only for the detoxification of heavy metals and other stored toxins but to improve my immune system and cardiovascular function and strength. (Heavy metal toxicity is a serious pollution problem globally.)

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Ionizer Plus Water Purification

My treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland gave me a greater awareness of the importance of hydration to the body and its tissues throughout life but especially as we age. Essentially, we are all fighting global pollution on a daily basis and this means an ongoing struggle with metabolic acidosis.

Call Toll Free: 1-800-794-5355

Mention ‘Betsy Horn’ for a Big […]


The BioMat is a portable, excellent tool for relaxation as well as encouraging circulation through its far infrared technology and use of minerals including amethyst and layers of tourmaline encased in water tight layers, FDA approved.

I always feel relaxed and energized after using the mat for as little as 15 minutes; a quick ‘pick me up’ device.