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Alen & Eveliza – Super Food

I discovered ALEN and EVELIZA while under treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland, recovering from the after-effects of both surgery and chemotherapy following a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. Two amazing products were suggested to me by Dr. Thomas Rau, the chief physician at the clinic and pioneer of Biological Medicine. ALEN and EVELIZA are cereal compounds, providing a finely balanced combination of essential factors: vitamins, minerals and amino acids fabricated so that absorption is total. (After mixing in liquid, it should be consumed immediately, so as not to lose its nutritional value.)

These cereal formulations are not medicine nor do they claim to cure any disease, but their creator, Dr. Vargas-Machuca, states that they have the ability to “feed the cells, regenerating better cellular balance, increasing homeostasis, cell repair and decreasing entropy (cell death.”) Dr. Rau believes Alen and Eveliza are among the most unusual and powerful nutritional tools in his toolbox. They are used to stabilize many different conditions, to strengthen the “immune system, help prevent recurrence of illnesses and to balance the metabolism.”

The ALEN compound is for healthy people under 50 to prevent illness, to maintain a strong immune system and is recommended for those who have overcome an illness and wish to maintain strong immune system function.

EVELIZA is for people over 50 who have health conditions or a compromised immune system and who are not sensitive to products with gluten.

GLUTEN FREE EVELIZA is the same product but designed for those with a celiac condition or gluten intolerance and minimally processed to safeguard the nutritional values.

ANTISENESCENCE is a new product designed to be used for shorter periods to help stabilize those with more serious conditions. It is, apparently, fast acting, and when a better level of health is achieved, either ALEN or EVELIZA should be reinstated.

All the products come in one portion packet form, so that staying healthy while traveling is easy. If I have not eaten well during the day and need a “pick-me-up,” I will add a packet to either water juice or plant milk. I immediately feel “picked up.” I have used ALEN/EVELIZA steadily for over twelve years and they have helped me immeasurably.

Finally, the creator of these products, Dr. Vargas-Machuca, has been relentless in his research, spending years to figure out the best formulations, having realized that it’s not just the nutrients but how they are balanced which release the greatest health benefits. The vitamins found in these products contain “pro-vitamins,” in an extra absorbable form; the proteins have been carefully treated so as to eliminate the starch factors which hinder digestion. He believes the formulations are now balanced to offer the greatest potency and accuracy in their food groups.

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