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Ionizer Plus Water Purification

My treatment at the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland gave me a greater awareness of the importance of hydration to the body and its tissues throughout life but especially as we age. Essentially, we are all fighting global pollution on a daily basis and this means an ongoing struggle with metabolic acidosis.

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We want to be more alkaline and keep the delicate pH balance under control. The Ionizer Plus Water Electrolyzer from High Tech Health is one of, if not the very best available anywhere in the world for this purpose. This machine not only improves hydration of the tissues but the technology helps with greater absorption of essential minerals while filtering out contaminants and toxins while giving a boost to natural anti-oxidant intake and assisting with alkalinity of our inner cellular environment. (Through the separation of alkaline from acid, you can use the acidulated water for your skin and plants, both of which will love it!)

I have had my machines for over 10 years and they still work perfectly.

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